Club 4000 - 2007

Foto: Borut Naglič

Again this time a considerable group of people gathered together - beside three guides another eight guests. Target - the highest summit in west Europe - 4808 m high Mont Blanc.

We did the acclimatization tour in Swiss mountains, more precisely on Mont Velan 3727 m high.

After we made succesfully the tour we moved to Chamonix, where we split to two groups. I had the honor to guide guests Petra and Aleš Glavnik to Mont Blanc.

I stood on the top of this white mountain several times but always before a classic route via Gouter and back. I must say that this is totaly different story more recommendable by my opinion. We experienced Mont Blanca massif in all its grandeur.

The tour begins in Chamonix, from where we started by cable car to 3842 m high Aiguille du Midi. From here it's short approach to Cosmiques hut at 3613 m.

After short sleep we woke up before three o'clock in the morning and started walking. First there are slopes of Mont Blanc du Tacul, that we have done with still in dark night. We bypassed the top (4187 m), then there is steep ice of Mont Maudit. We bypassed this top (4342 m) also. Of course both peaks can be accessed but we must be aware that the route to the top of Mont Blanc is still long.

Despite difficult ascent one gets overwhelmed by the expanse of eternal snow and ice. It soaks you in.

We reached the top with strong wind and chill. Here I'd like to commend Petra, for her remarkable courage and persistence.

We descended to the other side of Mont Blanc to Gouter cabin - 3817 m, where we joined our coleagues, excitedly exchanged congratulations and impressions.

We left behind us a great tour worthy of another visit!