Basis of mountain movement – off-road (non-marked routes) and secured climbing routes (via ferrata)

These routes will give you insight to more or less desolate spaces in the mountains, complex access to summits and more easy crossing ridges. This is the first step into the world of vertical with exciting exposure of ridges including parts with climbing second to third difficulty grade.
Maybe some hints and starting points: Srebrnjak, Zapotoški vrh, crossing ridge Goličica - Kanceljni - Planja in Trenta, crossing ridge Škrnatarica - Dovški križ, Oltars above the Vrata valey; north-west ridge of Planjava in Kamnik - Savinja alps...
There are also "ferrata" - secured climbing routes over exposed steep walls. The kingdom of "ferrata" are Dolomites for sure and their difficultly accessible summits. Let me name just few possibilities: "ferrata" in Tofana, Brenta, Pala...
Hanza route in Mala Mojstrovka
Foto: Janja Slabe